Rocky Mountain Rehabilitation P.C is a community-based clinic that provides skillful physical therapy services to allow each patient to return to their desired level of activity or performance. Each patient will be treated as a unique individual with compassion, respect, and integrity. Rocky Mountain Rehabilitation will strive to serve our patients and the Colorado Springs Community through continued professional development, teamwork, and education.

Your Initial Evaluation

Physical Therapy at Rocky Rehabilitation

In a quiet and comfortable environment, you will work together with a physical therapist for approximately one hour. During that time, you will discuss your symptoms and desired outcome and the therapist will perform a hands-on evaluation. Based on the results of that evaluation and your personal goals, the therapist will work with you to develop a treatment plan. Treatments may include soft tissue and joint mobilization followed with an individually designed exercise program. Comprehensive home exercises will be provided to assist you in progressing towards your treatment goals.

Rocky Mountain Rehabilitation provides skilled manual and physical therapy in Colorado Springs for people with pain and movement issues. We provide the best personalized physical therapy and state-of-the-art performance enhancement services for people with orthopedic and sports injuries as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.